Part 2/2 of the Asymmetric Clutch Tutorial

6- Turn inside out carefully shaping all pointy corners with a chopstick.

7- Topstitch using stabilizer to protect the leather.

8- Place the magnetic closure on the flap.

9- Close the bag as if it were finished and mark the spot where the other side of the snap should be. This magnetics snaps are super easy to place, just cut two small holes on you fabric to fit the snap’s legs through, then insert the cap and open the legs with pliers.

10- To close the bag you must have it with the right side of the lining facing out. Make sure everything is on the right place and secure, now sew both sides and trim excess off.

11- To finish this edges we’ll use the lining strips like bias tape. Sew it on one side and fold it back on the corner tilting it a bit to the outside. (see pic)

12- Fold over and sew.

13- Turn bag inside out and flatten it out. DONE!


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